TRUINSIGHT VAS Services deliver mobile capabilities to organisations seeking to leverage on mobile technology, for delivery of their services. This provides access to a varied customer segement made of of mobile subscribers. It further provides organisation with access to a customer base not easily accessed via conventional technology services; it's often said that the volume of mobile penetration out numbers that of internet penetration, in many regions across the world.

Core services on offer are USSD Gateway Integration and Contactless Payment Service implementation.

A USSD [Unstructured Supplementary Services Data] implementation allows for the transmission of information via a GSM network and messages are simple to form and easy to send. Message can be up to 182 alphanumeric characters in length and it allows for interactive services between an MNO and applications hosted by a service provider.

USSD is a session oriented service, and can support a sequence of exchange of information.

Contactless payment or Near Feild Communications [NFC] modes of transactions, is the new channel to addressing, frequent payments and transactions; it's an option fast emerging as a preferred solution, where speed and convenience have become key factors in deciding a payment or transaction channel.

Contactless technology in the payment market, will aid adopters differentiate their portfolio of products and services. Thus, providing the following benefit:
  • Increased Revenues brought about by a higher frequency of transactions.
  • Marketing and Branding Opportunities provided by branding multiple touch points for end users.