This primarily involves the use mobile devices, as the gateway to processing electronic transactions. For subscribers, mobile commerce offers an affordable, immediate, convenient and personalized way to conduct transactions. It also offers organisations, deploying mCommerce services, a way to expand their market reach and reduce costs.

TRUINSIGTH offers two unique mobile driven services, namely SmartPAY and SmartPOS, which enables the effective use of mobile technologies to create access to potentially inaccessible customer segments.

SmartPAY Solution is a Money Business Service (MBS) platform that takes Mobile Banking to the next level. It enables the vast majority of banked and un-banked subscribers to carry out financial transactions even in remote areas; where formal banking services and ATM networks have not reached, but are accessible to the customer via their mobile phone.

The SmartPOS mobile solution is a multi channel point of sale unit using GPRS and GSM technology. Limitations imposed by the inability of an MNO, to provide wide spread GPRS services need for the conventional POS unit, are easily overcome by SmartPOS; by using GSM technology to deliver transaction details for a customer.